Ikumi SANO

●Summary of Qualification

Highly Experienced Announcer, Voice over artist, and MC.

・With over 15 years of experience at the TV station, events, receptions and conferences

・Reputation for talented and congenial VO with clear pronunciation in Japanese

・Good communication in English and Chinese as well as Japanese



-News Anchor, Announcer, and Narrator at Sakuranbo TV, Yamagata, Japan

-Reporter at “Nikkei Morning Plus”, BS Japan, Tokyo

-Freelance VO artist

-Freelance Trilingual Emcee (JP/CN/EN)


●Academic Background

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Chinese course (China)

Graduated Emerson College, MA. in Media of Arts (U.S.A)

Graduated Meiji University, BA. in School of Literature (Japan)

Voice Demo


Voice Over/Narration

Clients: Google, P&G, NTTdocomo, MSD(Merck), Agilent Technology, Intermedia, , PARUKO, UCB, Cerebro, VCV.AI Japan, KOWA, and many other global and Japanese companies.


As a TV announcer at the local station in Japan, besides reading news, I did more than 300 NARRATIONS for TV commercials and TV programs.  


As a Voice over artist, I have many experiences working for corporate videos, E-learning courses, product videos, commercials, IVRSystem, APP guides, and so on.  



 Trilingual MC (Japanese/Chinese/English)

・Asian Horological Trade and Industry Promotion Conference

・Japan Innovation Center Inauguration Party


Bilingual MC(Japanese-English)/ English MC 

・International Robot Exhibition (2015,2016,2017,2018,2019)

・JPCA Show (2015,2018,2019)

・BioJapan2014 World Business Forum

・I2CNER Tokyo Symposium

・ACN2015 Annual Meeting of Japan Society of Nutrition and Food Science


Bilingual MC(Japanese-Chinese)/ Chinese MC

・South Taiwan COLOR4 Tourism Promotion Event

・Taichung Tokyo direct flight tourism promotion networking event and party

・ATFX Investment Seminar 

・Xiao Long Kan Opening Party

・17Live Event Party

・Wedding Ceremonies 


Japanese MC

 ・Taipei city Tourism Promotion Press Conference

・Taiwan Business Seminar (Tokyo, Osaka)

・Tourism EXPO Japan Taiwan Taichung Event Stage

・Women’s Business Grand Prix in Shinagawa Final stage (2015,2017,2018,2019,2020)



And many more Japanese MC career at events, ceremonies, press conferences, and seminars.


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